France Warns Syrian Government About Chemical Weapons

Earlier this week, the President of France expressed some very strong words directed at Syrian President Bashir Assad.

French Muslims Prefer No Government Intervention in Religious Matters

French Muslims rejects the idea of the government "organizing" their religion.

Homeless Count In Paris To Begin

The number of homeless people in the city of Paris continues to rise. While this fact in itself is alarming, the number of people who are actually sleeping on the streets is growing as well.

French Law Fights Preplanned Obsolescence

Planned obsolescence is a controversial means of production used by many manufacturers of consumer goods such as appliances and consumer electronics.

New Vine Varieties Will Reduce Need for Pesticides in French Wine Industry

French Wine Industry

The French wine industry has announced the creation of four new vine varieties.

Five Shot in Calais Migrant Violence

Calais Migrant Violence

Five migrants have been shot in violent clashes in the French city of Calais.


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On Monday, flood waters reached their peak in Paris and were threatening to sweep towns downstream along the Seine River which was rain-engorged as it flows towards the English Channel through Norm

The Le Touquet Treaty

The British government is facing demands from their French counterparts to pay for new customs posts across the English Channel after it withdrew from the European Union.

Europeans usually pride themselves on being more polite and orderly than their American counterparts, which makes the recent scene witnessed last week at Intermarché shops across France even more i

France's 2018 Travel Season

With an estimated 86.2 million annual visitors in 2016, France remains the most visited country in the world.

President Macron

The president of France run for the presidency on a campaign to revitalize the French economy and eliminate Paris’ reputation of a destination that is unfavorable to investors and entrepreneurs.