Over a quarter of central Paris homes sit empty

Is it the Airbnb effect? Experts can't be completely certain, but they do know that the number of empty homes in the Paris city center is increasing.

Sacre Bleu, U.K.! Don't Even Mess With Our Croissants!


Delicious, buttery and flakey have often been used to describe croissants, and no one makes them better than the French, right?

Contaminated Eggs Make Their Way To France

Contaminated Eggs

When residents of France buy eggs, they think that they are getting a food that is safe to eat.

Illegal Property Rentals Are Common in Paris


Many people who live in Paris rent their property to tourists.

Emmanuel Macron Ratings Keeps Dropping

President E. Macron

Emanuel Macron was a new face to European Politics when he became the president of France through the En Marche! Party. To make it sweet, he defeated the famous Marine Le Pen.

Another Win in 50-km walk for Yohann Diniz at the Word athletics Championship

Yohann Diniz

In his late 30s, Yohann Diniz produced an astonishing win on Sunday which makes him the oldest man to ever win the athletics champion title.


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Celebrated Founding Director of the Center for Constitutional Transitions, Sujit Choudhry, was part of the team of

Almost everyone dreams of owning an island, and some imaginative entrepreneurs envision an elegant hotel that welcomes world travelers to crystal blue water, pristine beaches and the perfect wave.

President E. Macron

If you are familiar with House of Cards, a Netflix presidential drama, you definitely know Claire Underwood. She is the fictional future first lady of the United States.