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Homeless Count In Paris To Begin

The number of homeless people in the city of Paris continues to rise. While this fact in itself is alarming, the number of people who are actually sleeping on the streets is growing as well.

New Vine Varieties Will Reduce Need for Pesticides in French Wine Industry

French Wine Industry

The French wine industry has announced the creation of four new vine varieties.

Paris seeks closer ties with Moscow despite tensions Over Ukraine and Syria

Ukraine and Syria

The President of Russia Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin and his counterpart from France, President Emmanuel Macron have deliberated on the close cooperation between France and Russia on a phone call o

Surviving Mountaineer Shares her Ordeal, Blames Pakistan Rescue Squads

French mountain climber Elisabeth Revol blamed a slow response time by Pakistani rescue operations for the death of her climbing companion.

France Takes on Fake News

Fake News

Fake news is a growing concern in countries around the world, especially as leaders realize the impact that social media can have and the speed at which that type of media transmits.

Macron to Visit Corsica Under Tense Circumstances

Visit Corsica

On Saturday, February 3, several thousand people filled the streets of the Corsican city of Ajaccio.