Merck KGaA signs deal worth 134 million for Parkinson's cure

Merck KGaA signs deal worth 134 million for Parkinson's cure

An agreement has been signed by Merck KGaA for developing the cure Parkinson's disease with Domain Therapeutics firm in France.

In particular, the company's Merck Serono sector has signed the exclusive development and licensing agreement with Domain Therapeutics. This is done for building upon the metabotropic glutamate receptor 4 (mGluR4) positive allosteric modulator drugs that aim at Parkinson's disease as well as other neurodegenerative illnesses.

The headquarters of the company is at Strasbourg. It is going to offer optimized complexes which have been built from the range of proprietary chemical series, as observed by the partners.

In terms of money, Domain Therapeutics is going to get a couple of million euros through upfront payments as well as research funding, and has qualified for up to 132 million euros in milestones for the initial couple of products, along with unrevealed royalties.

mGluR4 is a glutamate receptor that is one among the G-protein coupled receptor (GPCR) family. It apparently has the capacity to be a therapeutic aim for the Parkinson's illness.

Bernhard Kirschbaum, the chief of R&D at Merck Serono, made an observation that some great expertise has been developed by Domain within the region of GPCR, saying further that the partnership mirrored their long-term commitment towards procuring cures for neurodegenerative illnesses.

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