Pfizer Pulled out 500 Bottles of Drugs from the US Market

Pfizer Pulled out 500 Bottles of Drugs from the US Market

The Pfizer Inc's Greenstone unit has captured the attention of market analysts. As per the reports, Pfizer has reportedly shelved out two of its drugs from the US market in the fear of labels being interchanged by a third-party manufacturer.

Confirming the news, the company spokesperson claimed that 500 bottles of Citalopram have been labeled wrongly as Finasteride and vice versa.

With this news hitting the headlines of the newspapers, the company Spokesperson has warned pregnant women to not to consume Finasteride else fetal abnormities can be identified.

Further, the company has claimed that patients with bottles of either drug with the lot number involving citalopram in 100-count bottles of 10-mg tablets and finasteride in 90-count bottles of 5-mg tablets should not consume it and moreover appealed people to return the drugs to the pharmacist.

In addition, company notified patients who are on the medication of citalopram that any discontinuation of the medicine can pose a risk of extreme depression. Moreover, the company has hinted that some of the bottles labeled as finasteride can have content of antidepressant.

As the news struck the financial market, the shares of Aurobindo Pharma toppled to Rs 189.85, a massive decline of 4% and subsequently, Pfizer notched up to Rs 1,214.70, a paltry rise of 1.91%.

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