Excess of Thyroid Drug Increases the Fracture Risk in Elderly

Excess of Thyroid Drug Increases the Fracture Risk in Elderly

Recently, it has been warned by the researcher, that those elderly people, who consume excess medicines for treating their thyroid problem, might face higher risk of fracture in their coming life.

To put a control on thyroid glands that in a natural process produces too little of it, there exist a synthetic hormone named as thyroxine. But then at the same time, it has been revealed by the researchers, that if this synthetic hormone is consumed in large quantities, then it might boost the risk of fracture. Therefore as an individual grow older, he should reduce his dosage to avoid such circumstances.

It has been estimated that there exist around 20% of older people who suffer from underactive thyroid (hypothyroidism) and thus are given long-term treatments. Therefore, for ensuring that right medication is going on, patients inhibiting such treatments should timely get themselves checked by the doctors. However, when people become old age, such a condition often remains unchanged.

By consuming over-active thyroid, too much of thyroxine is created in the body, which further results in increasing the risk of fractures. And it is particularly older women who often get affected by this.

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