Health Officials Issue Warnings against Ludwig Dairy Products

Health Officials Issue Warnings against Ludwig Dairy Products

The Department of Health of Kane County has warned masses over the use of milk products of Ludwig Dairy, as they have not been pasteurized properly.

According to the sources, during a routine assessment of the products of Dixon’s Ludwig Dairy, the department observed that the apparatus used for pasteurizing the products were not functioning appropriately and so the unprocessed milk was mixed with pasteurized milk.

The unprocessed milk is expected to contain the bacteria which would have been mixed with the pasteurized milk.

Mirek Gebka, the proprietor of Ludwig Dairies stated that one of the wires of the apparatus was not fixed properly which allowed the mixing of the milk. Soon the problem will be fixed and dairy will continue with the production process.

All the places have been alerted over the trading of the products of the dairy and the shopkeepers have been asked to stop the sales of the products.

The health inspectors have revealed that till now no one has been reported as ill after the consumption of the products. But, further usage should be avoided and all the people asked not to use milk, yogurt, kefir, cheese and other products of the dairy.

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