Tata Motors to Replace Starter Motor in 1.4 Lakh Nano Models

Tata Motors to Replace Starter Motor in 1.4 Lakh Nano Models

Tata Motors, the largest vehicle maker in India, has recently declared that it will soon be swapping the starter motors in about 1.40 lakh units belonging to the leader its small car segment Nano. The most important part of the procedure will be that the replacement will be made free of cost. It is apparently the biggest replacement practice ever made in the history of the automobile industry in India.

While the declaration has witnessed as a recall of vehicle by the majority of people, the legendary automaker of the nation has safeguarded that it is nothing more than a replacement practice, wherein the starter motor that have grown old, and are susceptible to failure, will be replaced by fresh starter motors. As per the company, it initialized the replacement process earlier in October 2011 and by now; it has already worked the same exercise in over
50,000 Nano models all over the nation.

While expressing his opinion regarding the matter, a spokesperson for Tata Motors claimed that, “We have devised a better starter motor and so we are upgrading it in our old Nanos for improved performance. We have not received any complaint for this and this is not a recall”.

He further informed that Tata Motors will be modifying the spare parts in all of the old Nanos that were bought by customers ahead of the November launch of the Nano 2012.

Here, it is highly imperative to report that Tata Motors has sold in excess of 1, 40,428 units of its affordable compact car Nano, which is mostly known as the car of the masses, till November this year. The Nano was initially launched in March 2009.

According to reports revealed by the industry, the replacement activity of fresh starter motor will apparently cost Tata Motors around Rs 110 crore.

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