Legalization of Marijuana for Medical Purposes Dependent on Voters

Legalization of Marijuana for Medical Purposes Dependent on Voters

A group urging to legally approve medical use of marijuana in Massachusetts asserted that if the drug is legalized, then the state will be an icon for all across the nation to look at how the drug is used without misusing it.

The Committee for Compassionate Medicine publicizes the proposal's restrains on number of dispensaries in the state allowed to sell marijuana- 35 and also mentions of the offensive charges for those found illegally obtaining marijuana. They consider it as a crime, which can ultimately result in imprisonment for up to five years.

The vote session to be held on November 6 will be deciding the fate of marijuana, whether it would be legally available for use in case of patients suffering from deadly health conditions, including cancer.

In case the law is passed, then patients will be able to attain up to two months of supply of marijuana for medical reasons. The state Department of Public Health, which licenses physicians and pharmacists, will be the governing body which will decide the quantity of marijuana to be provided in the two-month supply.

Matt Allen, Director of the Committee for Compassionate Medicine, said, "Marijuana can help people suffering from a range of maladies, including nerve damage or pain from cancer treatments".

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