Sandy Damaged Shuttle Enterprise too

Sandy Damaged Shuttle Enterprise too

Intrepid museum spokesman is confirming that the shuttle Enterprise has also suffered damages from the super storm.

The natural power that has left many regions devastated this week, has not even left the flying machine that was recently escorted in NASA's space shuttle program.

Super storm Sandy has caused big damages in New York City including its visit to the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum, where it has caused minor damages to the Shuttle prototype Enterprise's vertical stabilizer or tail. A small piece of foam came off due to the hit of Sandy, confirms one of the spokesmen for the museum on Friday.

The damages to the shuttle Enterprise have been confirmed by both the museum and NASA following shuttle Atlantis's journey to retirement at Florida's Kennedy Space Center.

"Enterprise remains safely in place and partially covered by the fabric of the damaged pavilion, which was left in place as a protective measure", said museum director Ms. Susan Marenoff-Zausner.

Enterprise has served several atmospheric drop tests that have been run over Edwards Air Force Base in California in 1977. Since the super storm has caused several damages to the museum, it has been closed for some time for renovation purposes including fixing of Enterprise too.

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