Number of Google Services Closed in China

Number of Google Services Closed in China

According to a website named as "Transparency Report" being operated by Google Inc, it has been revealed that a lot of its online services have been closed in China.

The report further unveiled that the operations started suspending from February. The report is the one, which provide updates about its applications prevailing in the countries across the world. It was being found that neither the search engine nor Gmail of Google was working.

A Google spokeswoman said that they are not aware of the reason of disruption. They said that they have checked their settings and they could not zero down on any of the things by which they could say that such specific condition has led to discontinuation in services.

It is not the first time when services of Google have been made inaccessible. Since 2009, Google's YouTube, a video service, has been inaccessible. A number of reasons are being thought, which might have caused the disruption in Google services.

One of the reasons is that the Communist government of China must have taken the decision to block the service. They must have taken the decision as political environment was quiet sensitive at that time. For now, it is not known that whether the services will re-start in China or not.

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