Modern Birds are very different from Birdlike Dinos

Modern Birds are very different from Birdlike Dinos

Researchers' recent research is an effort to get more close to our history probably during the time of dinosaurs and about the first birdlike creatures that emerge during that age.

The recently concluded details are talking about the birdlike creatures belonging to the dinosaurs' age, whom they believe, couldn't get their ways to fly due to their heavy wings, which could have taken them most to the ground forcing them to opt for gliding over flying.

Which, when are compared to the simpler feathers of the modern flying birds could be stated as the heavier ones. Yes, today's birds have single primary layer of easily separated long feathers that are covered with short ones in such a way that they are easily able to overcome their drag when they take a flight.

Researchers ran an analysis over the fossils of two of those bird's ancestors and noted that today the arrangement of feathers have majorly changed from those of the primitive birds. The main focus during the research remained upon the birdlike dinosaurs Anchiornis huxley and Archaeopteryx lithographica, who had dense and multi-overlapping layers of wing feathers that were not easy to separate, concluded the researchers.

They added that those creatures used to use their wings for climbing the trees and glide from a height rather than lifting off from the ground.

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