Alcohol Awareness Week Calls For Positive Parenting

Alcohol Awareness Week Calls For Positive Parenting

While there is no denial that alcohol does no good to anyone, it has been claimed that County partners are putting in a lot many efforts to make sure that parent as well as children are being made aware of the potential consequences of the same.

With running Alcohol Awareness week, Warwickshire Drug and Alcohol Team and the Family Information Service have come forward to instigate efforts in the same direction with an information leaflet, featuring how to make children understand the severity of alcohol consumption.

There is dire need for parents to understand that kids are not that young that they don't understand about alcohol. Thus instead of avoiding their questions, parents must take to them openly about the same so that children can accept the severe results of alcoholism.

In case, parents spot their kids drinking, instead of lashing out at them, parents must be patient enough to make them know what they are doing is not good for them. Parenting has a key role to play in sorting out many issues with teens including drinking.

With recession taking toll over one and all, this time the theme of Alcohol Awareness Week 2012- `Let's Talk About It'- is apt to resurface the severe results of heavy drinking.

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