NOAA To Review Killer Whales’ Status under Endangered Species Act

NOAA To Review Killer Whales’ Status under Endangered Species Act

A recent report confirmed that National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration would soon be starting reviewing the current stand of the population of killer whales under the Endangered Species Act. It was done after California-based Pacific Legal Foundation filed a petition in order to dissolve the long running protection of the whales.

It is expected that the agency would be considering public input backed by all relevant information from other sources so as to decide if NOAA should nod to remove the whales from the federal species-protection list. It was in the year 2005 that these whales, often known as orcas and officially known as Southern Resident killer whales, were listed as endangered.

These whales can be seen spending time in Washington's Puget Sound and nearby waters. As of now, they are 86 in total. It has been mentioned in the petition that these whales are very much connected with other larger population, thus not liable to be called as under any danger of extinction.

Looking at the facts, petition was filed on behalf of the Center for Environmental Science Accuracy and Reliability and two California farms, Empresas Del Bosque and Coburn Ranch, in the month of August 2012. It would be worth seeing if NOAA would propose delisting of whales or not.

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