Grand Canyon Was Developed 70 Million Years Ago, Says Study

Grand Canyon Was Developed 70 Million Years Ago, Says Study

In a breakthrough revelation, it has been revealed that Grand Canyon, a steep sided canyon in the United States, was formed some 70 million years ago. The recent claim has been made by a group of international researchers

They have broken the preconceived notions that the Canyon was built some five to six million years ago. However, according to the latest finding, Canyon was developed a long time back and there are possibilities that dinosaurs would have been roamed near the place.

Researcher Karl Karlstrom from the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque said that he does not know that the claim is correct. Moreover, he finds the claim that Canyon was formed during the dinosaur era, quite absurd.

Though many have said that Canyon's development claim is not correct, a group of researchers from the University of Colorado Boulder as well as California Institute of Technology remained determined that their study findings are correct.

Lead researcher Rebecca Flowers from the University of Colorado Boulder said that they know that not everyone will be comfortable with their research findings and they are perfectly fine with it. "Arguments will continue over the age of Grand Canyon, and I hope our study will stimulate more work to decipher the mysteries", said he.

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