Air Ambulance Service teams up with ECMO

Air Ambulance Service teams up with ECMO

In an attempt to take care of critically-ill patients around England, an air ambulance service has joined hands with a specialist emergency team. All serious patients would be flown to different locations to Glenfield Hospital for treatment if needed.

It has been claimed that Glenfield is the only hospital in the UK which has a mobile Ecmo service for children, who are suffering from serious cardiac or respiratory problems. In such cases, patients require an Ecmo machine so that their heart or lungs can work properly.

It has been told that ECMO (Extra Corporeal Membrane Oxygenation) acts as an artificial lung with blood being oxygenated externally till the time the lungs are not strong enough to function normally.

"Our partnership with the Ecmo team at Glenfield Hospital is a fantastic example of how we can work with paediatric intensive care units across the country to improve the survivability and recovery of critically ill children and babies", said Andy Williamson from the Children's Air Ambulance, while asserting that such moves fasten up life-saving services for young patients with life threatening heart and lung conditions.

It is hoped that this model of healthcare service would be able to save a lot many young patients in the time to come in England.

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