Ford Fusion Receives 2013 Green Car of the Year Award

Ford Fusion Receives 2013 Green Car of the Year Award

Ford Motor Co.'s new Fusion midsize has been grabbing eyeballs of lately and recently at the Los Angeles Auto Show, it has managed to grab the Green Car of the Year honors. The winner was picked by esteemed list of jury including Green Car Journal staffers, Jay Leno, the television host and an ardent auto enthusiast.

It was during this fall that the car was unveiled, and since then, it is being applauded for its sleek appearance, driver-friendly features in addition to five powertrain options. Besides The Fusion, there were other cars contending for the same honour, including 2013 Dodge Dart Aero, Mazda CX-5 Skyactiv, the Toyota Prius C and Ford's other fuel-sipper, the C-Max.

Appreciating the decision, Ron Cogan, the editor of Green Car Journal, said that the reason of picking Fusion was its overall fuel efficiency, lower emissions and environmental friendliness, which in the current time play a major role in deciding the real value of any car.

It has further been added that the Fusion has also managed to achieve a Top Safety Pick rating considering crash testing, from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

Before the Fusion, the natural-gas-powered Honda Civic, the Chevrolet Volt, and diesels from Audi and Volkswagen had also won the same award.

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