Revalidation Hits Doctors across UK

Revalidation Hits Doctors across UK

Under the new system, the revalidation that is carried out once in five years has begun across the UK that will investigate if doctors are fit to continue their practice or not.

It is being run by the General Medical Council (GMC) and it includes annual as well as five-yearly appraisal of doctors. That is done on the basis of feedback from patients, colleagues, nurses and other staff. The move is aimed at ensuring that doctors are fit to practice and have up to date knowledge of medical procedures and medicines.

The revalidation is applicable to the GPS, hospital doctors, local doctors and those working independently. "This is a significant step for the medical profession, and will make an important contribution to the safety of patients and the quality of care they receive", said a spokesman for the Scottish government.

The Chairman of GMC, Sir Peter Rubin, said the day was important for doctors and patients across the country. It will make considerable improvements to the care quality that patients are offered and greater confidence in doctors who treat them.

It is said to be the biggest change in medical history of 150 years and shall reach out to 230,000 licensed doctors in the UK. The UK is first country in the world to consider revalidation system.

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