US Coast Guard Extends Support to Rescue Threatened Turtles

US Coast Guard Extends Support to Rescue Threatened Turtles

In consequent to several sea turtles suffering from hypothermia in Cape Cod, a US Coast Guard plane has managed to fly 35 sea turtles to Orlando on Friday. It was made possible with the joint efforts of the NOAA Fisheries Northeast Region Stranding Network and members of the Coast Guard, who flew the sea turtles from their home base in Elizabeth City, N. C., to Cape Cod, Mass., so that they can be given shelter in the sunshine state.

Among the turtles were extremely rare Kemp's Ridley species and 15 Loggerheads. All the turtles are most likely to spend the winter season there in order to recover from their health concern.

Even Susan Flower, spokeswoman for SeaWorld Orlando, has not confirmed any particular date of return of the animals. "Our goal is always to return animals back to their natural environment", she said. "Really it just depends on how they're doing. We evaluate them, we have our team with them all the time".

It has been assured that the SeaWorld facility is capable enough to deal with the turtles just like they cared for other rescued manatees, birds, dolphins and pilot whales, among other marine animals. It would be worth watching how long the animals will take to recover fully from the cold stress.

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