Gene Therapy Does Wonders in Treating Blood Cancer

Gene Therapy Does Wonders in Treating Blood Cancer

Implied by the University of Pennsylvania, a gene therapy has been reported to cure the deadly disease like blood cancer.

A total of 10 people have benefitted from the therapy. Two out of these got better by the T cell therapy while in other four the leukemia was completely eliminated with the gene therapy. In rest of the four, the cancer diminished to quite a good extent.

Albeit the number of treatments done as of now is quite small but the results were too outstanding for the outer world to take the notice. The pharmaceutical companies are planning to get the therapy license from the university. Novartis has already approached the research team to develop and license the new technique, which according to them has bright future.

"It was incredibly moving, really somewhat earth-shattering. Our whole team was on the phone, back and forth. There was such excitement and relief for this little girl and her family", said the Penn physician David L. Porter, after curing 11-year-old Emily suffering from leukemia by the new therapy.

Gene therapy uses DNA to treat the disease. Generally, under the process, the DNA encodes a functional therapeutic gene which replaces the mutated gene, while in other techniques, under the therapy, the mutated gene is treated.

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