US Government Honors Biologist Leroy Hood

US Government Honors Biologist Leroy Hood

Considering contribution in molecular immunology, biotechnology and genomics research, President Obama has confirmed that Seattle biologist Dr. Leroy Hood would be honored with a National Medal of Science.

The 74-year-old president and co-founder of the Seattle-based Institute for Systems Biology has brought significant changes in biomedicine and forensic science once he along with his team managed to found, how to automate DNA sequencing in the 1980s.

As of now, his complete focus is to find out how doctors can use digitized DNA and molecular data in order to raise the bar of diagnosing specific diseases. It is known that effective diagnosis can actually make hell lot of difference in treatment.

"For example, breast cancer isn't one disease - it's probably four or five different types and without knowing what type a person has, you can't optimize treatment for them", said he, while giving an interview. He also added that he was apparently aware some three weeks back that he would be getting the medal, but he didn't reveal it.

Its indeed nothing short of life time honour for him as his sincere efforts are finally being given the due recognition. He is planning to celebrate this achievement of his with family and friends in Friday Harbor.

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