Global Warming Affecting the Andes Glaciers

Global Warming Affecting the Andes Glaciers

Global warming is the word that fore mostly comes to the mind of every individual whenever climatic conditions are discussed. Due to global warming, the world is becoming warmer at a faster pace and this is severely affecting the environment and its people.

It is serious problem for the entire world and could be quite hazardous if an action is not taken soon.

Due to several changes in the climate; even the glaciers of the Andes Mountains have been affected. Recently, during a comprehensive review of the Andean glacier's observations done by an international team of scientists from Europe, South America and the U. S., it has been revealed that in comparison to the 1970s records; glaciers in the tropical Andes are found to be thinning with an increasing rate. Since then, around 30% to 50% of glaciers have melted down.

In the last 50 years, the weather of this region is found to be warmer by 0.7 degree C. And if such a trend is continued in future, then there would be a huge water loss in the area, which will drastically impact the water supply. It is a bad news for the Andean population!

The small glaciers that are at low altitudes are at a higher risk of melting.

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