Merck Has Named Roger Perlmutter New Research Head

Merck Has Named Roger Perlmutter New Research Head

According to a new news report, Merck has finally named a new head of Research. Roger Perlmutter is now the new executive vice president and president of Merck Research Laboratories. He will replace Peter Kim on April 15.

Before the new responsibility, Mr. Perlmutter worked at Amgen for ten years and worked in various positions in that company. At the fag end of his career in his previous company, he was serving as the Head R&D. Before Amgen, he worked as the chairman of the department of immunology.

Merck said in a statement that Kim will work as an advisor till his retirement in August.

Perlmutter will join his new role on April 15th 2013. Both these men will work closely till August in order to ensure smooth transfer of powers and quality work output.

Kenneth Frazier, chairman and chief executive officer at Merck Sharp and Dohme, said: "I am confident that under Roger's leadership, Merck will continue to build upon our legacy of translating cutting-edge science into medically important products that make a difference for patients."

Merck has received an Energy Star 2013 award from the US Government for their excellence in energy management.

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