Nissan Motor Co Recalls its Five Latest Models Due to Malfunctioned Airbag Sensor

Nissan Motor Co Recalls its Five Latest Models Due to Malfunctioned Airbag Senso

Nissan Motor Co has recalled five models of 2013 vehicles as they doubt that due to the faulty sensors, the front passenger airbag would not be able to deploy at the time of crash. The recalled models include Nissan's redesigned 2013 Altima mid-size sedan, the Pathfinder crossover SUV and the Sentra compact. Some new cars that got introduced in 2012 have also been recalled which are Nissan Leaf electric car and the Infiniti luxury unit's JX35 crossover SUV.

One of the Nissan's spokesperson said that the problem came from the side of the sensor supplier who changed the process of manufacturing the sensors which lead to change in the specifications, that Nissan Motor Co required. The malfunctioned sensor may permanently disable the bag leading to the risk of lives of its consumers.

As per the documents which were posted on National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the vehicles which have been manufactured with the bad sensors and the dates on which the manufacturing took place are still getting determined. Owners of the cars who have already bought the models would be informed next month and will get a replacement from the dealers if required.

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