Obama administration release national strategy on climate adaptation

Obama administration release national strategy on climate adaptation

The Obama administration on Tuesday released its first national strategy on climate adaptation to help wildlife adapt to the fast-changing climate conditions.

The administration admitted that changing climate is threatening U. S. wildlife, fish and plants, including Joshua tree, brook trout, and the lesser prairie-chicken.

Pointing to adverse affects of climate change on the country's wildlife, the U. S. Fish & Wildlife Service's Director Dan Ashe said that flowers are blooming earlier, while animals are shifting to new locations to tackle higher temperatures, increasing sea levels and other climate effects.

Citing deer, coyotes and racoon, Mr. Ashe added that some species that are adaptable would be able to do well; however, not all species would survive. The U. S. Fish & Wildlife Service has co-authored the Obama administration national strategy on climate adaptation.

Speaking about the strategy, Deputy Secretary of the Interior David J Hayes said, "The Strategy is a comprehensive, multi-partner response that takes a 21st-century approach developed by the American public for sustaining fish, wildlife, and plant resources and the services they provide - now and into the future."

As per wildlife agency's estimates, wildlife-related recreation activities like fishing and hunting contribute $120 billion to the country's economy, while the seafood industry contributes nearly $116 billion every year.

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