Biological Computer Developed

Biological Computer Developed

A group of researchers from Stanford engineers has developed a computer but with a twist as they have made the same inside a living cell. The revelation that has been published in the journal Science will help in the detection of the disease as well as perform a number of functions.

Lead researcher Drew Endy from School of Engineering, was of the view that except detecting the disease, the computer will be able to perform many other functions. Some of the many other functions will be warning about toxic threats.

"Any place you want a little bit of logic, a little bit of computation, a little bit of memory -- we're going to be able to do that", said Endy. It is been a decade and it is now that the researchers have been able to develop the biological computer.

Experts said that it is the latest step in the field of synthetic biology. Endy was of the view that the computer is capable of answering true and false to any question with regard to biological question.

Jay Keasling, director of the Synthetic Biology Engineering Research Center, said that the Stanford's recent development has revolutionized the way one will be computing in the future.

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