Study Reveals Gecko’s Toe Grip Even at Some Wet Spots

Study Reveals Gecko’s Toe Grip Even at Some Wet Spots

It is a well known fact that geckos can scurry up the walls just like the lead character in the Spider-Man movie series. However, the ability of these lizards to grip up their bodies with the wet surfaces was an unsolved mystery.

The mystery has been resolved by a new study. The study suggested that the sticky toes of a gecko enable the animal to walk across the wet surfaces that are not wet in a uniform style. However, they cannot walk across the things that don't get easily wet.

The study leader, Alyssa Stark, who is a biologist at the University of Akron in Ohio, suggested that the study has answered an interesting question that was never considered before. The study about the grip of a gecko is suggested to be beneficial in discovering ways to develop adhesives that will be working in wet conditions.

For examining the toe grip of a gecko, the researchers put harnesses on six geckos and put them on four surfaces that differ in their wetness and degree of being resistant from water. The feet of the reptiles were submerged in water on glass, plexiglass and Teflon. Pexiglass is a transparent plastic which is commonly used as an alternative to the glass.

The results suggested that it generated a film of water between the gecko's toes and the glass, reducing the grip. However, a stronger grip was created by the reptile's toes on plexiglass and plastics.

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