Whales Seem to be Making Comeback in the Bay of Fundy

Whales Seem to be Making Comeback in the Bay of Fundy

Reports have confirmed that the whales are making comeback in the Bay of Fundy as more than 500 whales have been counted in it as of now.

This appears to be a two percent rise in the number of the animals since 2003. Whales were deemed endangered in wake of rapidly falling number but now it seems that they were recovering. At that time, the New England Aquarium affirmed the number to be between 300 and 350.

The comeback is thought to happen in wake of the traffic diversion made by Irving Oil to protect the mammals. "You can't say that we're the reason the whales are coming back. But possibly, if we didn't help, it might not have happened. So it does feel good", said John Logan, an Irving Oil engineer.

Logan avowed that they were the largest user of shipping lanes in the port. Traffic diversion from the regular path costs them extra time and added up additional eight to 20km to each of their journey.

Also, change in lanes has pushed them to usage of extra fuel that drives the ships. Also, Irving Oil has given away as huge amount as $800,000 into the New England Aquarium to aid its research on whales in the Bay of Fundy.

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