Mercedes sales Freeze Lifted by Court in blow to France

Mercedes sales Freeze Lifted by Court in blow to France

The freeze on the sales of the Mercedes vehicles has been removed by a top administrative court of France. The move has acted as a blow to the government in a bitter row over German carmaker Daimler's utilization of the chemicals that are banned.

The Conseil d'Etat voiced a question over the legal authentication of the freeze that remained for two-months in a temporary injunction asking for the resumption of the registration within the period of two days. The freeze has severely affected several key models.

A ban on the assembled of A-Class, B-Class, CLA and SL cars has been initiated in France since the month of June. This has come after the refusal of Daimler to stop the utilization of the air-conditioning coolant called the R134a, exempted from the new vehicles since the beginning of the year following the conditions of an EU directive.

The freeze has resulted in the prevention of the delivery of near about 5,000 Mercedes cars. This has also resulted in issuing of warnings from the dealers that the thousands of jobs across the French sales network were under a risk in case the situation was not solved immediately.

The blocked models explain French business of most of the brands and two percent of the total deliveris of globe.

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