Two Men Spotted Tampering with Charging Points of Autolib

Two Men Spotted Tampering with Charging Points of Autolib

On Tuesday, a legal case was filed by Bolloré, the French investment firm behind Paris's Autolib car-sharing service, in opposition to BMW, German car manufacturer, for obtaining secret information without its permission.

The two men hired by BMW, were found suspicious in tampering with the charging points of Autolib in the French Capital.

BMW refused for such illegal behavior, taking a firm stand that the two workers were recruited by an engineering firm P3 to plan the launch of its new electric car named "BMW i3".

The suspicions were further increased when the two men were allegedly found tampering with a Bolloré Bluecar. They were said to be found tampering with the electric model on August 21 at a charging point in the city's 9th district. The answer given by the Autolib staff members was that they were employed for a German carmaker.

The Autolib' maintenance staff was not able to arrest them when they were seen at a new charging point. Later on, they were detained when seen on September 5 in the city's 7th district.

At present, 34,000 subscribers of Autolib' are there, along with 1,800 vehicles and about 4,000 charging points in the French capital.

Approximately, 6,000 electric cars were recorded in France, the previous year.

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