Novel Koala Baby Takes Birth in Edinburgh Zoo

Novel Koala Baby Takes Birth in Edinburgh Zoo

As per latest reports, it has been revealed that a baby Koala Joey has taken birth in the Edinburgh Zoo. This has been the result of successful breeding of the marsupial in the UK.

Donald Gow, senior keeper at Edinburgh Zoo, said that they are very happy with the birth of the UK's first Koala Joey. He has been working in the zoo for the last eight years.

Koalas are very sensitive creatures as they require a lot of special care. They eat only selective food and their breeding is a difficult task.

Koala Joeys remain in their mother's womb only for 30 days. The size of the Koala Joeys is as small as a jelly bean. The newborn Koala Joeys are blind and have no fur.

A baby Koala Joeys grows by crawling in their mothers pouch. They become comfortable in the natural habitat by mid-October.

Gow said that since the Koalas are reserved in nature, there is a need of an expert who knows how to properly do the breeding of male and female Koalas.

Alinga, the Joey's mother, will take care of Joeys till it reaches the age of one year. As he gets mature, it will be sexed, weighed and will be given a name. It will then play a vital role in protecting the future of the Australian species.

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