Scientists Claim to Have Found Proof of Alien Life

Scientists Claim to Have Found Proof of Alien Life

Scientists claim to have found fresh evidence to substantiate their contention that the life on Earth originated from outer space.

According to a new research by scientists at the University of Sheffield, small microbes from the outer space constantly enter the earth's surface.

When these microbes, which constantly strike the Earth's surface, become habitual to survive on this planet, there is an existence of life of Earth.

Dr. Milton Wainwright said: "We believe that life did not form from chemistry here on earth, it came from space... which has major implications for Darwin's theory".

Boffins, a scientist at the University of Sheffield, compared these sprinkling microbes with the Aliens that once came on the Earth.

Scientists launched a balloon to a height of 27 km in order to collect the samples of any terrestrial microbes floating around the atmosphere. The balloon was fitted with an automatic drawer, which could be opened and closed remotely.

As the balloon reached a particular height, Boffins opened the drawer from the ground. All the samples of the microbes, which were floating in the space, fell into the drawer.

Balloon was also fitted with a camera. Scientists claimed that they also managed to capture the photographs of the blighters, which were floating in the outer space.

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