Online Daters Have a Propensity to Contact Other Race People: Study

Online Daters Have a Propensity to Contact Other Race People: Study

According to a new study, online daters generally prefer dating with people who do not belong to their race or culture, even though they end up communicating within their race initially.

To conduct this survey the daters were not surveyed directly but the analysis was made using the data from the dating websites.

Sociologist Kevin Lewis of University of California, said, that it is clear from the present scenario that the racial boundaries are being crossed and are more permeable than it was once thought.

Lewis studied 126,134 U. S. users and his study got published in the `Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences' journal.

According to the study by the sociologists, it was found that daters were more prone to respond to the interests of other daters from another race. It was also found during the survey that once the data was interchanged, the daters were more likely to interact with more people, who belonged to other races.

Lewis said, "It's not that people's levels of prejudice are changing; people are avoiding others from a different racial background because they think those other people won't be interested".

He added that getting an interracial contact and replying to it makes one send over twice as many new interracial messages in the short-term future, than one would have otherwise.

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