FBI Warns U.S. Government of Information being accessed by Activist Hackers

FBI Warns U.S. Government of Information being accessed by Activist Hackers

According to a new report, activist's hackers had secretly accessed sensitive information from the personal computers of the US government. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) said that the hackers had exploited an error in the Adobe Systems Inc's software with a motive to steal the hidden information.

The FBI warned that this issue must be addressed on large scale by the US government. It has been declared that this threat had affected the U. S. Army, Department of Energy, Department of Health and Human Services, and many more agencies.

Investigators are trying their level best to gather the complete information on the scope of the cyber campaign. The system administrators are being advised by the FBI officials regarding what measures they should take, if they find any difficulty in their systems.

Kevin Knobloch, chief of staff at Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz', said that the hackers had taken the personal information of at least 104,000 employees. Along with that of the contractors, family members and others associated with the Department of Energy.

It has also been revealed that the hackers had taken the information of the bank accounts of about 2, 0000 members. Officials were very concerned regarding the loss of information leaked by the hackers as they believe it could lead to thieving attempts.

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