New Reforms in France


President Macron is set to combine the two houses of parliament to discuss new reforms for France.

Manchester United Calls Paul Pogba-Jose Mourinho Feud Stories 'Rubbish'

Paul Pogba

Midfielder Paul Pogba is coming off a successful run with the French national team this past summer in which they captured the championship.

Paul Pogba Cast Doubts On His Future

Paul Pogba

The French soccer star, Paul Pogba may have spent his Summer winning the World Cup for his native France and enjoying some much-needed rest, but he appears far from happy to have returned to Manche

Blue Wine Creates a Colorful Controversy in France

Vin Bleu

A tasty Chardonnay originating from a sunny region near the Mediterranean has caused quite the stir in France, a country known to impose very strict measures, rules and guidelines related to the pr

France Is Set to Place Penalties on All Non-Recycled Plastics Coming Next Year.

Recycled Plastic Packaging

France is reported to be planning to introduce a penalty system coming next year. The penalty scheme is meant to elevate the cost of packing made using non-recycled plastic.

Pilot's Union Threatens More 'Strike Action' from Air France Pilots

Air France Pilots

Air France has been warned by the president of its own pilot's union that if the airl


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The French government is said to re-examine the country’s incomprehensible laws on marijuana use. All tobacco joints are prepared to corner the market if the drug is legalized in the country.

Eiffel Tower

Tourists were turned away from the Eiffel Tower as a strike closed the monument.

Alexandre Benalla

It seems that potentially more trouble is in store for Alexandre Benalla, the former aide to French President Emmanuel Macron who was recently charged with assault and impersonating a police office

Some would say that exploration and adventure is a distinct thread that runs through the spirit of France, and a recent exp

Redoine Faid

If there's one thing that can be said for notorious French gangster Redoine Faid, it's that he is definitely not predictable.