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A Meeting in France between African and European Leaders

The problem of immigration is becoming a worldwide problem as almost every developed nation is being flooded with immigrants. What is left now is to find alternatives to end the causes of immigration. France has also had its share of problems when dealing with immigrants from Africa. This is the reason why four European leaders met with their African counterparts to discuss how they can tackle the issue immigration.

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EOS Lip Balm Leaps Ahead of its Competition in 2017

Colorful lip balm spheres by EOS

Beauty products come and go, with brands, colors and formulas shifting constantly. Beauty is big business, but it's still a significant risk, especially when what you're doing is entirely new. Just eight years ago, lip balm was dull and unimaginative. So, how did the upstart company Evolution of Smooth not only break into the market but rise above all the competition to become the second top selling brand, beating out competitors owned by major corporations?

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