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French Students Protest Against Reforms

On Thursday, French students joined public sector and union workers in protesti

Recent TV Interview French President Macron's Support Is Waning

President Macron

If last Sunday's TV interview is any indication, President Emmanuel Macr

Paris Is The Grumpiest City In France, New Survey Suggests


Is it possible to be grumpy in gay Paris?

New French Immigration Bill Divides Ruling Party

On Monday, the French parliament will begin debate on an

How Speaking French Can Make Your English Confusing

Congratulations! You've done an excellent job of learning to speak French. Life in France is so much easier now that you can clearly communicate in the national language.

Cheese - France's Unlikely Killer


France's very own Franche-Comté region is known for fine cheese manufacturers that ship their goods to the rest of the world - we're talking about all the way from New Zealand to Northern Ru