Emmanuel Macron’s Resolve Remains Unfazed Despite Mass Strike of the Public Sector in France

President E. Macron

For the first time ever in a decade, the nine major unions of the public sector in France came together and organized mass protests against the proposed plans by President Macron.

French Bosses Struggle to deal with Pressure

President E. Macron

President Macron is trying to make France a more business-friendly nation.

Roma woman vies for seat in the French Senate

French Senate

When Anina Ciuciu's family left Romania and immigrated to France, they embarked on a journey towards what they thought of as "the land of human rights." They crossed minefields in Yugoslavia and li

Macron faces first protests

Street Protest

French labor groups are planning a street protest in opposition to President Emmanuel Macron.

Emmanuel Macron in Greece

President E. Macron

When it comes to the European Union, Emanuel Macron is seen as the next leader.

Macron VS. The Unions

President E. Macron

Former investment banker and current French president Emmanuel Macron is moving ahead with his plans to reform French pension schemes.