French Health Officials Combat Foreign Disease Threats

Recently, the French population has encountered risks from two unwelcome new disease threats transmitted through insects: Chikungunya Virus and Lyme Disease.

Contaminated Eggs Crisis in France

For the past few weeks, France has been undergoing a massive recall of eggs from the market.

Livio Bisterzo Brings Healthy Snacks to the World

Livio Bisterzo is a founder and Chief Executive Officer of a company called “Green Park Holdings.” His new product that seems to be taking America by storm is called “HIPPEAS,” a natural snack that

France Takes Different Approach to Stop Ticks


France Takes Different Approach to Stop Ticks

Why France Plans to Make Vaccination Compulsory


France is following in the footsteps of Italy by making vaccination compulsory.

French Health Officials Hope to Discourage Smoking


Since the detrimental impacts on health of nicotine-laced tobacco cigarettes became widely known several decades ago, many governments around the world have acted to limit smoking in order to help