Street Artist Banksy Comes to Paris


Banksy, a well-known but anonymous street artist from Great Britain, h

France, the House of Boeuf Bourguignon, Encounters Wrath from Vegans

House of Boeuf Bourguignon

In the famous nation of boeuf bourguignon and also steak-frites, meat consumption is turning out to be controversial. Moreover, selling of the meat to the customers is even more risky.

A French Film Director Facing Legal Action

A famous wildlife film’s director, Nicolas Vanier, is currently facing legal action. During his filming, the aircraft surveying localities scared France’s sole wild flamingo’s colony.

Places to Visit in France

Visit in France

In France, there are some attractive scenarios one can visit. In every year, the attractions upsurge in numbers. Below are some of the attractions in detail.

Top Lipstick Looks For Summer 2018 Featuring LimeCrime

For those who love fashion, summer is a season that brings great versatility, color, and endless opportunities to get dressed up.

French Gangster Escapes Prison in Hijacked Helicopter

Prison Break

In a scene that seems more cinematic than plausible,


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