Macron Focuses on Africa as Cornerstone of Foreign Policy

Foreign Policy

President Emmanuel Macron arrived earlier this week in Nigeria to reassure the African country that France’s latest interest in the nation is more than just an attempt to revisit colonialism.

French Team Advances in the World Cup

World Cup

Argentina and France were both pre-tournament favorites to advance to the late stages of the World Cup.

France Will Readopt National Service For Youth

National Service Program

Recently, Prime Minister Emmanuel Macron launched an effort to re-institute national service for teens in France.

The French Government has Reported Closing all Newly Opened Cannabis Coffee Shops

Cannabis Coffee Shops

France and the United Kingdom have the strictest laws and regulations on the issue of Cannabis.

Macron Discusses Sanctions, Solutions in Migrant Issue

President Macron

On Saturday, June 23, 2018, the president of France, Emmanuel Macron,

French Couple in London Sentenced for Murdering Au Pair

Au Pair Murder

A French couple have been sentenced to at least thirty years in prison for murdering th


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