TalkTalk to begin testing its network-based anti-malware service

TalkTalk to begin testing its network-based anti-malware service

TalkTalk is planning to begin testing its network-based anti-malware service, that records all URLs entered by its customers even as there some concerns that it might breach privacy laws.

The anti-malware system designed to protect its customers from virus laden websites was tested secretly by the company until some customers came to know about it in June. The system records all web addresses visited by TalkTalk customers and warns customers if a site could contain malware.

Some users complained that the system was tested on them without their consent and company now offers an opt-in to Virus Alerts. The company will now be more cautious and will invite users to opt-in to the new test and the system now will also not record all the browsing details, according to a blog post by Clive Dorsman, managing director of technology at TalkTalk.

"We now expect to be able to commence trials for a limited number of customers who have agreed to test our anti-malware system in the next few weeks," said Dorsman. "This system will warn customers who opt into the service about sites they try to access, which we know to be infected with viruses or other malicious software."

He also clarified that the system only records the destination website URLs and does not notice who sends the request or other personal data. When a users opts-in the system, ti will warn them if they try to visit those sites which have been shown to carry viruses or other malware through the scanning process.

The company was investigated by the Information Commissioner in September over the Virus Alerts test and it was observed that the test was above the board.

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