Mental Health Workers Present Management with No-Confidence Vote

Mental Health Workers Present Management with No-Confidence Vote

In a sign of protest against the assaults on staff by patients at Auckland District Health Board’s acute mental health unit, members of the Public Service Association have cast a vote of no confidence in their management in front of Auckland City Hospital.

Over the past 12 months, about 213 assaults have been reported at the mental health unit, and the assaults have included being punched, grabbed, choked, kicked, hit with objects, and even spat at.

However, many mental health workers feel that little has been done by management to address the violence they are experiencing in the workplace.

According to Public Service Association organizer and spokesman Brendon Lane, "We told them we were sick of the assaults on the site and they needed to listen to what we were talking about in regards to solving the issues”.

Mr. Lane also added that, in particular, management needed to review staffing levels, use seclusion, and improve its rostering system in order to improve workplace conditions at the mental health unit.

In response, the District Health Board stated that they had acknowledged the concerns expressed by staff at the facility and added that they were also actively collaborating with the Public Service Association in order to improve staff safety.

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