Poor Turnout Leads to Cancelled Cancer Event

Poor Turnout Leads to Cancelled Cancer Event

According to reports, the Weekend to End Women’s Cancer, owing to poor turnout of participants in the 2 days walk, has been cancelled.

Also, the walk is now set to take place in just the Calgary on the 23rd and 24th of July, instead of Alberta’s 2 main cities, in order to enhance the amount going to cancer research and saving cost.

Out of the $4.7 million made from the walk last year, around 45% or was spent on feeding people during the walk, running the event’s website and providing medical tents on the 60-kilometre route.

However, in the previous year, 741 people participated in the walk in Edmonton, though the numbers have been dropping, which could be owing to lots of other summer festivals and fundraisers also intending to get people’s attention.

Lee Elliott, spokeswoman for the Alberta Cancer Foundation, said, “The Calgary event has typically attracted more people. The southern city was the original and only city in Alberta to host the event when it was launched in 2005”.

Moreover, the Alberta event, since 2005 is reported to have raised almost $24 million for women’s cancer problems, and an average of 55% goes to research.

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