Dead Dog Recovered from Ottawa River

Dead Dog Recovered from Ottawa River

A dead terrier was put into a bag and was thrown into the Ottawa River. The dog was recovered near Sussex Drive below the Rideau Falls, on Sunday. The Ottawa Fire Services was informed by some passerby about the incident.

According to the firefighters, the dog had been in the water for an extended period and when they reached the area, they were not sure that the dog was alive at that point or not. However, when they took out the body, they weren't able to resuscitate it, as it had already died.

Ottawa Humane Society Operational Director Sharon Miko stated that the incident will be investigated as they will try to find out what actually happened to the dog.

"Obviously, if this was the deliberate drowning of a helpless animal it was an extreme act of cruelty", she said. "It's also a criminal offence", she said.

She said that the humane society always request the people that they can anytime bring their animals to the society, if they feel uncomfortable in taking care of their pets. She said that they follow the open option service and if anybody feels that they cannot keep the animal, the society adopts and look after the deprived one.

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