U.S. Health-Care System less Proficient: Study

U.S. Health-Care System less Proficient: Study

In a strange eye-opener regarding the flaws in America’s Health Care System, a recent study claims that health care spending can be chopped down by billions each year provided doctors devote the same amount of money and time dealing with insurance plans as their Canadian counterparts.

Canada has a "single-payer" system for health care financing. The study was conducted by researchers at the University of Toronto and Cornell University.

While Canadian doctors operate with only one paying agency, their American counterparts have to interrelate with their patients' numerous different insurance schemes.

The study, which was steered by Dante Morra of the University of Toronto, revealed that if US doctors had administrative funds similar to those of Ontario medics, the total savings would have been around $27.6 billion per year.

Due to the multi-layered American system, doctors spend roughly $83,000 per physician each year engaging with many insurance plans, compared to nearly $22,000 for doctors in Ontario.

The study further disclosed that the staff in doctors’ offices in US also spends about 10 times heavier for each physician every week interacting with health schemes than Canadian doctors.

While US medical assistants and nursing staff spend nearly 21 hours every week for each doctor engaged with insurance service providers, about 2.5 hours each week is spent by for Canadian nurses and medical practice workers.

The study is published in the journal ‘Health Affairs’.

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