No More Smoking, Says Collins

No More Smoking, Says Collins

The Corrections Minister, Judith Collins has sealed all feasible chances for jailbirds to smoke without being noticed.

Though, it had been over six weeks since smoking was outlawed in prisons, not enough concrete measures were adopted by the authorities until now.

Judith Collins has informed a noteworthy decline in the count of arson-related incidents.

"I think there has been one incident that I'm aware of – a prisoner who had cigarettes – and he was found very quickly, as soon as he lit up", she revealed.

However, nearly two thirds of prisoners were apparently into smoking before the ban was designated.

Since the prohibition came into being last month, arsons and fire have effectively reduced in tally.

Earlier on July 1, smoking was outlawed in prisons and inhabitants were not permitted to buy tobacco, lighter, matches or other such stuff.

Last month, there were reportedly four arson or fire incidents, while only one has been observed no further this month.

Prior to the prohibition, nearly 18 such cases were reported in a month.

There is certainly an effective enhancement in prison atmosphere and the quality of its air has certainly purified, which will inspire a much safer and healthier place for prisoners and Corrections staff.

Meanwhile, nearly 6000 prisoners are using a nicotine replacement treatment to curb smoking cessation, while a handful of them apparently attempted smoking the patches to resolve their issue.

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