Commerce Commission Not Happy with Sunbeds

Commerce Commission Not Happy with Sunbeds

Sunbeds are baking raw controversies these days; they’ve somehow managed a celebrity status as they are breaking the news 24x7. Amid all confusions, contentions and cloudiness, the tanning industry has recently averred a letter dropped by the Commerce Commission highlighting the perils of piling up deceptive statements regarding sunbed was, in fact, not a warning.

The watchdog has penned to nearly 280 sunbed manufacturers, marketers and distributors stating that they will be forced to walk through trial under the Fair Trading Act in case they passed on false and misguiding statements regarding the pros and cons offered by sunbeds.

In this regard, Kate Morrison, the General Manager of Competition Branch announced that the letter was merely a first foot forward. ''We will be following up to ensure they comply with the Act'', she said.

In contrast, Kirsty Ethynes, Chairperson of New Zealand’s Indoor Tanning Association, feels otherwise and hardly interprets the letter as being a warning.

Meanwhile, the commission employed a dermatologist to study the positives and of course, corresponding threats allied with sunbed after various allegations filed by the Cancer Society and Consumer NZ.

The commission’s reports claimed that sunbeds tend to imitate the sun's light and are not as healthier as believed. The assessment from dermatologist reveled that UVB rays are carcinogenic, and there is substantial confirmations that these rays tend to inspire skin cancer.

Using sunbed initiates premature aging of skin cells and can harm the human eye, though there are a few benefits as well.

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