Two Treated After Ammonia Leak at Scotiabank Place, Ottawa

Two Treated After Ammonia Leak at Scotiabank Place, Ottawa

A chemical leakage at the Scotiabank Place resulted in severe respiratory problems for two employees working in the building.

The leakage took place in the refrigeration room of the building. The chemical leaked was ammonia, and immediately after the leakage, authorities vacated the building. Pipes of the building were hurriedly closed and Fire Brigade of Ottawa was given an emergency call.

Out of the two victims of ammonia leakage, one employee was blocked in the lift and inhaled the ammonia gas which caused irritation, and the other working adjacent to the loading docks suffered an asthma attack.

The victims of the accident were hurried to hospital, where doctors assured that they are out of danger. The incident took place because a pipe exploded, which further resulted in the leakage of ammonia.

According to the firefighting team that appeared at the site, around 500 people were removed from the building and firefighters inspected pipes and aeration of the entire building. After the incident at Scotiabank Place, police authorities seized the Frank Finnigan Way and Cyclone Taylor Boulevard.

Apart from the incident, the firefighters also witnessed a powder scattered on the 8th floor of ‘Minto’ building. The powder was sent to Health Canada for inspection.

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