NZ’s Pink Ribbon Ride On Sunday

NZ’s Pink Ribbon Ride On SundayPink Ribbon Ride

This year’s Pink Ribbon Ride would be organized on Sunday for New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation. It would be an eight ride in a row where bikers are called upon to raise funds. And, this time Women's International Motorcycle Association is hosting the event.

It is said that first impression is the last impression and the saying perfectly match the event as when it was first organized, it raised 1300 dollars in 2004 and total 130 bikes were there. It boosted their confidence and 2010 ride collected 18,000 dollars and in total 540 bikes took part.

Every passing year brought prosperity and awareness, due to which the number of participants increased every year and till now, the ride has collected 57,000 dollars for the Breast Cancer Foundation.

Those who do not have bikes or are not able to walk, a pink bus would be there which would take volunteers in it.

For now, organizers wants volunteers, who could sell brooches having breast cancer awareness message assembled on that, lottery coupons and also who could help in getting participants assembled in lines.

October is celebrated as breast cancer awareness month and therefore many activities across the country would take place in order to raise funds for breast cancer patients.

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