ICU Staff Shares Opinion about Care of Critically Ill Patients

ICU Staff Shares Opinion about Care of Critically Ill Patients

In a recent report, it has been found that nearly 33% of doctors working in intensive care units (ICUs) are of the view that patients are not being given the essential care.

"What this study shows is that a striking number of ICU physicians and nurses on any given day are providing care they perceive to be inappropriate", said Dr. Scott Halpern, who is of the say that there is need to understand what staff members go through while taking care of critically ill patients.

The doctor is told to be doing research work on critical care at University of Pennsylvania Medical Center in Philadelphia.

The survey was done on more than 1,600 doctors and nurses at hospitals in Europe and Israel, wherein questions were asked about their work experiences and their take on the level of care being given to their patients in the past 24 hours. A major section is told to have gone for "too much care" and that is what has been made a discussion point.

Though family is always being listened to while talking about life-and-death medical decisions, there is need to listen what the staff members have to say about health quality. There is no doubt that efforts have been made towards life-support and aggressive care, but a lot is still needs to be done to improve the care quality.

The study was made public in the Journal of the American Medical Association, where the team has made it clear that ICU physicians are putting excess efforts in saving those who are negligible chances of survival.

It's being believed that if nurses and the physicians are being given the desired level of attention in making part of the decision process, a lot could be done to make end-of-life decision, making it far more better, which would even comfort patients and their families also.

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